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Are You an Uneducated Bigot for Disliking Political Correctness?

Despite its roots on the left of politics and as an ironic term to highlight racist and sexist attitudes, ‘political correctness’ was hijacked in the 1990s by the political right wing in the US and successfully used to discredit movements that objected to stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. Reframing them as hypersensitive do-gooders tapped into everybody’s […]

The problem with being promoted on ‘merit’

“Homo WHAT reproduction?”, asks a friend of mine wondering why I would think that sexual orientation and children lead to inequality regimes and discrimination. “No, homoSOCIAL reproduction” I reply. It’s a common mistake because so few people have even heard of homosocial reproduction, or the tendency for people to promote others who are like themselves. […]