Workshops, training and consulting in strategic foresight tools and VUCA skills for leaders

Organisations are easier to plan for and lead, in steady, predictable, simple and clear environments. Unfortunately that’s not the world we live in. It’s becoming more and more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). What does an organisation need to do to operate in a VUCA environment and how does leadership look different?

  • Consulting

    Diagnosis and advice for your organisation using strategic foresight tools to imagine new futures and prepare for uncertainty.

  • Training

    Tailored training programs, individual and group coaching for learning how to apply strategic foresight tools and VUCA skills

  • Workshops

    Workshop facilitation and key note speeches on emerging trends, futures tools and alternative futures

You need to steer in a chaotic world. Important strategic decisions must be taken, and sometimes they need to be taken upon a future you can’t possibly predict. This is where strategic foresight tools come into play.

Deep and long lasting change under these conditions requires that you have a framework to learn about the future and have the organisational metrics, systems, thinking and culture in place that is able to respond to what you learn. Without these elements in place, we simply download reactions to our problems from the same thinking that created them.

Furthermore, you need tools such as Causal Layered Analysis (CLA), the futures triangle, futures landscapes and more to map, anticipate, time, deepen, create alternatives and transform the future.

The future is what you change today. Find out how your organisation can use the future as an asset with Strategic Foresight tools.

“Organisations” photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash